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Dadfords Print Processing

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If Dadfords have recently visited your childs school, please CLICK HERE to order.

New Extras released for 2017/18 season.
We are pleased to annouce a new range of extra options to enhance your school pacsks - pick from Keyrings, CD, Calendars, Bookmarks, Activity Sheets, Gift Tags, Magnets and more. Mix these in with standard packs, or sell individually  - the choice is yours!

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With a proven record of processing school photos, Dadfords have approached traditional school photography with a fresh outlook. Rather than give you a limited range of pre-designed proof cards to choose from, and thereby limiting your options, we have instead opted to give you the freedom to build the proof card you want. Pick from a style of proof that suits you, 1,2,3 or 4 pose. Add a selection of packs from our large range, and then customise them by adding mounts, and setting your sale prices. Add extras, such as CD's, Calendars, Keyrings Bookmarks to any pack to increase your selling potential. We will build the proof around you, and your business. Details information of our services can be found by dowloading our information pack below. 

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For individual Proof Card Setup - click here 

For group Proof Card Setup = click here