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Dadfords Print Processing

Canvas Prints

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We are now pleased to offer you a range of wraps! Choose from a budget Jet Wrap; retain a real canvas finish with our Eco Wraps, or go go for a traditional wooden frame. All printed using high spec Epson machines, with Ultra Vivid ink sets.

Jet Wrap

Our cheapest ever wrap! Printed on highly embossed Jet Master paper, and wrapped around a strong cardboard frame, these are a stunning alternative to a traditional canvas, at an exceptional price. 

Eco Wrap

Using a similar system to the Jet Wrap these Eco Friendly canvases have a similar cardboard frame, but are printed using the same high quality canvas as traditional wraps.

Traditional Canvas

Our traditional canvas prints are stretched around 1.5" pine bars, which are sourced from UK manufacturers. Heavy and solid, these canvases suit the high end of the market, while still very affordable!

Hex Canvas

Why have 4 sides when you can have six! Dare to be different with our new Hex-Canvas!

We strongly recommend all images used for Canvas' have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.